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Hiking in Switzerland in complete safety - or how to read the signs :

Firstly, there are three easily recognisable categories of waymarked paths:


- Hiking trailsThe direction indicators are entirely yellow. These trails also have paint markings in the form of yellow diamonds, usually bordered in black, as route confirmation. Trails in this category do not require any special skills, and no special equipment is recommended.


Mountain hiking trails. The direction indicators are also yellow, but their tips can be recognised by three white-red-white stripes. Route confirmations consist of three parallel lines of these colours. Good footing, good shoes and suitable equipment are recommended. The entire TdM route falls into this category.


Alpine hiking trails. Their direction indicators are entirely blue, and their tips are marked by three white-blue-white lines. These are truly Alpine routes, designed for experienced hikers who are fully equipped.

1: Where I am

2: The level of difficulty of the walk

3: The destination of the tour

4: Estimated duration of the trip

5: Pictogram for public transport, hut, etc.

6 : Suggested itinerary

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