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The Vallon de Nant

The Vallon de Nant has been a nature reserve since 29 November 1969. It is subject to a special institutional regime, as it is a reserve managed by Pro Natura Vaud at cantonal level and forms part of the Grand Muveran federal free district at federal level.

UNIL researchers have been working there for decades, as evidenced by the establishment of the cantonal botanical garden and the whole of the University of Geneva. the associated search historyThese include botany, geology, geomorphology, hydrology, meteorology, pedology, zoology and other areas of the natural sciences.

The Vallon de Nant is a glacial valley about 6 km long, located above Bex in the municipality of Bex. Facing north-east, it is traversed by a stream, the Avançon de Nant, which has its source beneath the Dents de Morcles, in the Martinets glacier.

Derborence site

The lake in the Lizerne valley, a side valley of the Valais at Ardon, was formed by two terrible landslides in the 18th century. The wildly beautiful valley of the same name is a nature reserve. It fascinates geologists, botanists and nature lovers alike.


Between 1714 and 1749, masses of rock detached themselves from the massif formerly known as Scex de Champ, causing terrible landslides. This catastrophe was considered to be the work of the devil, and the massif was renamed Les Diablerets. The 100-metre-high masses of rock crushed a flourishing alpine pasture that was long considered cursed, allowing the surrounding countryside to develop freely. The writer C.F. Ramuz was inspired by the rockslide to write his best-selling novel of the same name.
Today, the wild Derborence valley is a protected area, in particular for the unique virgin forest that has grown up on the scree slopes.

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