The Association

A brief history

The Tour des Muverans Association was founded in 1988. The project was launched by Bernard Bessard and Jean-Michel Buchard of the Société de Développement d'Ovronnaz.

The option chosen is not that of a competition route but rather that of a family-oriented hiking trail.

The tour outlined looks very interesting, particularly in terms of the number of gîtes, the possible stages and the fact that it passes through two nature reserves: Pont de Nant and Derborence.

The municipalities concerned are : Fully - Dorénaz - Lavey - Bex - Ollon - Gryon - Conthey - Chamoson - Leytron - Collonges - Vétroz - Saillon. All these communes have responded favourably to this initiative.

Aims of the Association

It encourages and promotes the Tour pédestre des Muverans.

In particular, it publishes a walking guide and all other promotional documents.

It monitors and coordinates with VALRANDO and VAUD RANDO, as well as with all the municipalities and development companies involved in the route, to ensure that the paths, signs and markings are in good condition.

The forty or so members of the Association are distributed as follows:

  1. the eight municipalities directly concerned;
  2. the managers, caretakers and owners of the sixteen cabins;
  3. the five tourist offices concerned: Chamoson, Villars, Bex, Saillon, Ovronnaz ;
  4. individual members ;
  5. Société de Développement de Conthey ;
  6. téléovronnaz SA.
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