What is the best map to prepare our Tour of the Muverans ?

If you're comfortable with your smartphone, we strongly advise you to use the SuisseMobile application and/or Swisstopo. One of the advantages of these applications is that they are updated at least once a year, which is of course not the case with a paper map. On the other hand, remember to download the maps you need for your hike, at home, using your Wi-Fi.
For fans of paper maps, the "Du Rhône aux Muverans" map covers the whole of the TdM at a scale of 1:25,000.
It can be ordered from Editions MPA, telephone number +4121 691 34 34, <br>by email: info@edition-mpa.ch.
It can also be purchased from various specialist retailers and the Tourist Office - in particular the one in Ovronnaz, tel. +4127 306 4293.

Can I find information on your site or through you about the weather and the conditions that may be encountered at a particular time on the Tour des Muverans?

No, we're not meteorologists or soothsayers! As with all mountain excursions, you need to be informed before you set off, and be equipped and prepared so that you can take responsibility for your choices and decisions.

We were told about two places (the vires and the Col des Martinets / Col des Perris: Blancs passage) that are a little dizzy, at least for those who have problems with heights or very steep slopes. Is it possible to find easier ways around?

Yes, no problem.
One of these passages is a winding path at the base of the Dents de Morcles, on the Col du Demècre - Rionda section. It can easily be avoided by following the "Variante" signs on the TdM, via the Au d'Arbignon.
The other route, the highest point of the TdM, is the Col des Martinets, at 2,612m, which is perfectly safe. If you want to avoid it, follow the "Variante" to the Tourche hut in Pont-de-Nant, via the Javerne mountain pasture.
The Col des Perris Blancs is only accessible from the west side.

I have a dog and I always walk with him. Is it possible to do the TdM with him?

No !
Your companion will not be welcome: most of the route passes through protected areas. Walking on a lead is the absolute rule.
Few cabins accept dogs. Ask the wardens for information.

On a map I've seen a number of passages that tempt me, but that don't seem to be part of the usual itinerary: the Pacheu, and the Col des Chamois, with the idea of a Rambert - Cabane Plan Névé - Anzeindaz crossing. What do you think?

Le Pacheu: this pass is for experienced climbers who don't need signposted paths or our services!
The Col des Chamois is signposted as a white-blue-white alpine hiking trail. It is equipped with cables. This is an Alpine pass, which cannot be included in a hiking tour.

What are the different starting points for the TdM?

As shown on the map, there are car parks at Pont-de-Nant, Ovronnaz, Derborence and Solalex (for which a charge is made).

Is it possible to leave from the village of Morcles?

Unfortunately, the village of Morcles is no longer served by public transport. However, you can park your car at Les Martinaux, 1726 m above Morcles. From there, you can walk to the La Tourche hut in 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Is it possible to do the TdM sleeping freely in your camping tent, without using cabins or gîtes?

In view of the various laws and wildlife protection zones, the best answer is no. You could try contacting the hut wardens and mountain pasture operators to obtain hypothetical authorisations.

When is the best time to visit the TdM?

The TdM is a walking tour. The recommended period is from June to September.
In some years it will be open from the beginning of June to the end of October.

Can it be enjoyed in winter too?

Although some sections are accessible in winter, they are nothing like the Tour des Muverans, which is a summer hike.

Is it possible to do the entire TdM route in winter, on ski touring skis?

No, the TdM is not a skiing route.

Are there any winter walks along the TdM route?

Although some sections are accessible in winter, they have nothing to do with the Tour des Muverans, which is, and remains, a summer hike.

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