Professional advice

Planifiez properly your hiking

Beforehand, plan your route at home by consulting maps and websites, or by asking tourist offices or hut wardens. In the mountains it is recommended not to hike alone.

Preferably use officiels : or Map | SwitzerlandMobility or the Swisstopo application :

Don't overestimate yourself and choose a route suited to your ability, especially if you are sensitive to vertigo, avoid the Sentier des vires Bellacretaz and the Col des Martinets.

Before you leave, check your choices against the weather forecast.

During your hike, adapt your planification according to the conditions you encounter (terrain, weather, physical condition).


Equip yourself properly

Good profiled boots are the basic equipment, along with warm, weather-resistant clothing, sun protection, a first-aid kit and a survival blanket. Don't pack too much equipment. As a general rule, a bag weighing between 7 and 8 kilos (including food and drink) is plenty suffisant for a 4-day hike on the Tour des Muverans with nights in a hut.

Poles make it easier to negotiate slippery and/or steep sections.

Bring a recent paper or digital map, available offline. Please note that part of the route is not covered by the network. You will need to download the base maps before setting off.

In the hut, a meat bag is compulsory, and a torch or headlamp is useful. Note that it is possible to buy a picnic.


Walk with care

Don't walk too fast, especially at the start of your ride. Take regular breaks and hydrate regularly.


And above all, enjoy discovering the magnificent landscapes of the Tour des Muverans!  


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