On the eve of your departure to do the Tour des Muverans : it is highly likely that this tour will surprise and enchant you with its very particular geology, its rich flora and fauna, its great richness, its great diversity of landscapes, cabins, and its various possibilities, its way of offering you exceptional views of the course of the “Rhône”and its valley, of the “Mont-Blanc”, the “Combins”, and the Swiss and French Alps,

Even if you are not a geologist, you will be constantly surprised by the plethora of different rocks and layers with incredible folds witnessing of the strength of the movements of the earth's crust.
All eras have deposited their signatures: carboniferous rocks, flints, lapies, ammonite fossils, tell the story of our planet.
Flora and fauna are not left out, and you will discover the alpine floral essences, you will see chamois, ibex and marmots. Perhaps you will see eagles and lammergeier.

Not to mention that the climate of this region is one of the driest in Switzerland, which will make your hike even more pleasant!