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  • plan 4 jours,Refuge de Lac
  • Poster: 2016-08-14 01:21:51 Par Anonymous
  • Bonjour,

    I am planning TDM, 4 etapes, Hope you can help me with below questions:

    With Demecre closed, I find it difficult to find a well divided route of 4 days. Maybe you can help us with a suggestion?. We do not want to bring own diner and breakfast, so Chalet neuf is not a good option.

    Whats the time from Rambert to L'Au D'Arbignon.

    What is the time from :au d'arbignon to Pont de Nant?

    Is the Refuge du lac in Derborance opened? I cannot acces the website.

    Kind regards.
    Mark Visser
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  • additional
  • Poster: 2016-08-14 01:27:20 Par Anonymous
  • In addition to my previous question, We would prefer the high route from demecre to Rionda.
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  • Tour en 4 jours de Pont-de-Nant
  • Poster: 2016-08-15 09:58:00 Par Anonymous
  • Hello,
    In place of the Demècre, you can stay in Sorniot (1 h before the Demècre) or to the Au d'Arbignon (1 h 30 after the Demècre).

    Rambert - Sorniot 4 h 30

    Rambert - Au d'Arbignon 7 h

    Au d'Arbignon - Pont de Nant 5.30 / 6 h 00

    Sorniot - La Tourche 3h30

    Tourche - Pont de Nant 3 h 30

    Go through the trail at the top between the Dzeman and Rionda, to spend the night at Sorniot.

    To book at the Refuge of the Lake Derborence 0041 27 346 14 28 (the website is not yet active)

    You can also pass the first night to Dorbon at 1 h 30 from Derborence www.dorbon.ch

    Best regards. Jacques TDM
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